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Success Education

Guided Path to Success (GPS) Workshops

This pathway offers workshops/courses that will improve study skills, assist in career exploration and enhance life skills like budgeting and time management.

  • There are no formal prerequisites or placement testing requirements for these workshops/courses. 
  • Students can earn a maximum of three transfer elective credits in one of the following ways:
    • One credit hour for every eight workshops they complete. 
    • One credit hour each by successfully completing GENS 100, GENS 101 or GENS 102. 
    • Three credit hours by successfully completing GENS 105. 
  • Becoming an Active Student

    Improving Test Performance

    Mastering Time Management

    Developing Critical Thinking Skills

    Exploring Your Learning Preferences

    Gaining Information Literacy

    Perspectives on Learning

    Developing Research Skills

    Becoming an Active Reader

    Learning for a Lifetime

    Enhancing Your Study Strategies

  • Planning Career Pathways

    Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Exploring Career Interests and Skills

    Transitioning to College

    Exploring Personality and Values

    Developing Your Leadership Skills

    Deciding on a College Major

    Understanding the Job Search Process

    Navigating the College Selection Process

    Writing a Resume

    Writing a College Admissions Essay

    Developing Interview Skills

  • Targeting Success

    Managing Stress

    Motivating Self

    Understanding Civic Responsibility

    Mastering Self-Management

    Exploring Healthy Lifestyles

    Developing Effective Communication

    Planning Personal Finances

    Valuing Interdependence

    Preparing for Independent Living

    Gaining Self-Awareness

    Becoming Active on Campus

  • This course will help students gain awareness of their academic career and personal selves and facilitate development in each of these areas. Focus will be placed on gaining knowledge of each self, identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement and mastering the tools necessary to achieve growth in these life areas. Students cannot receive credit for both GENS 105 and GENS 100, GENS 101, or GENS 102.

For more information about GENS courses or GPS workshops, contact:

Jennifer Vieley

Coordinator of General Studies 
(309) 268-8055