Current or Returning Students

Using myHeartland

Having trouble accessing your myHeartland account? Use this guide for help!

Prior Participation

  • If you completed a Heartland course for college credit in a prior academic year, you do not have to:

    • resubmit the Heartland student application to take more courses through your high school or career center.

    • complete placement testing if you already met the requirements for the additional courses you intend to take.

      • Heartland will waive some placement test requirements if you have:

        - prior eligible COMPASS or ACCUPLACER results within the last two years.

        - eligible ACT or SAT results within the last three years.

      • If necessary, use your Heartland student information to log into myHeartland and schedule an appointment for placement testing. 

Currently Enrolled

  • If you are currently enrolled in a Heartland course for college credit, you can:

    • get a Heartland student ID card to access support services available to all Heartland students; even if your courses take place at your high school or career center.

    • take more Heartland courses on your own through our dual admission program for college credit only or for both high school and college credit.