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Duties and Functions of Committee

The Assessment Committee (AC) is a learning team that will provide faculty with a forum to discuss and share assessment strategies, make resources available to encourage continued learning about assessment, maintain the College's Learning Outcomes, and encourage challenging and creative student-centered instruction. The AC shall be faculty led with appropriate support from the Administration to carry out its responsibilities.

The AC has three main functions:

  1. To maintain the College's Learning Outcomes (LO). In this role, the Assessment Committee will collaborate with CAS in any of the following activities:
    1. Review, revise, and adapt LO statements as necessary
    2. Assist with interpretation of the LOs for faculty and others
    3. Provide assistance for updating master syllabi
    4. Provide assistance for new or major revisions in courses
  2. To provide a forum for meaningful discussions of assessment. This discussion may take any of the following forms:
    1. Faculty-led workshops and seminars
    2. Discipline-level discussions
    3. Assessment discussions with faculty
    4. An Assessment Newsletter
  3. To assist with the College's academic assessment efforts. Accordingly, the AC shall:
    1. Record the history of assessment at HCC
    2. Assist disciplines and/or departments with assessment
    3. Coordinate information with program reviews and institutional reviews
    4. To provide assessment resources to faculty. Among others, these resources may include:
      1. Workshops, both internal and external
      2. Assessment web pages
      3. An Assessment Newsletter
      4. A yearly assessment report


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