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The courses on this page address a workforce need indicated by our BN Advantage partners. Members of McLean, Logan and Livingston County Chambers of Commerce are invited to enroll in these classes at the discounted price. 

You may register online but if you or your company is a chamber member, please call (309) 268-8160 to register at the discounted price.

General Business 

Learning to Lead - Supervisory Training
This series is for new or early-in-career supervisors and will provide an in-depth study of topics  common to the supervisory or manager role. In this three session class, you will learn about transitioning to the supervisory role, leadership styles and behaviors, developing and training employees and much more. Each session focuses on a different topic. This program includes an assessment of your leadership style.
Terry Lowe
Friday (3 sessions), 2/23-3/9, 9AM-12PM, WDC Rm 1402       
$160 tuition
$128 Chamber of Commerce discount
Exceptional Customer Service (Lincoln Campus)
For your business or organization to retain relationships and achieve a healthy bottom line, exceptional customer service is crucial. In this class, an industry expert will help you define superior customer service unique to your business and guide you through the skills, strategies, and structures required to ensure that consistently positive service is provided by anyone interacting with your customers and clients.   
This class is held at the Lincoln, IL campus.
Michael Woods
Friday 2/23, 9AM-2PM, HLC Rm 628B
$75 discount fee
Navigating Crucial Conversations
Based on the best-selling book, Crucial Conversations, this informative one-day seminar will give you the tools for conversations when the stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong. Learn to harness these skills for crucial conversations and develop a plan of action moving forward. Ideal for both personal and professional development, this seminar also features a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. Pre-seminar preparation includes reading the book Crucial Conversations as well as an MBTI online assessment. A link for purchasing this book on your own will be emailed to you. Registration deadline is Wednesday, February 14, 2018.
Wednesday 2/28, 9AM-4PM, WDC Rm 1402                                                                              $220 (includes personal assessment)                                                                                    $199 Chamber of Commerce discount 
Thriving in a Cross-Generational Workplace
For the first time in history, there are five generations of employees working side by side. This can present challenges and miscommunication. This course will help you understand the dynamics of working in and/or managing multiple generations of employees. As a result, you'll be prepared to recognize generational interpersonal difficulties and be able to facilitate positive behavioral change.
Heather Taylor
Friday 3/9, 8AM-12PM, WDC Rm 1006   
$105 Chamber of Commerce discount
The Power of Listening
Good listening skills are critical to leadership, supervision and teamwork. It’s been said that for most people communication is waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can say what you’ve been thinking while they were talking. Doing that makes communication more difficult. We’ll address changing that habit in this class. You will learn to recognize when you’ve stopped paying attention and to refocus on the other person to promote a more effective and efficient team.
Ronald Maier
Friday 3/23, 9AM-12PM, WDC Rm 1403
$80 Chamber of Commerce discount
Communication and Teamwork
Congratulations, you are a leader. Now what? Communication and Teamwork will help you navigate the different dynamics of leadership including communication, team building and coaching. Using the Classic DiSC and Everything DiSC assessments you will learn your communication style and how to communicate with others with different styles. You will take away your DiSC profiles and practical tools that you can use immediately to become a genuine leader.
Steve Welland
Wednesdays (3 sessions-does not meet 4/18 or 5/2), 4/11-5/9, 8:30AM-12:30PM
$449 Chamber of Commerce discount
Core Selling Skills
Through a transformational process the Core Selling Skills program builds a strong foundation for today’s sales professional. The program helps sales professionals and sales managers increase their productivity and improve interactions through specific goal setting, time-leveraging, communication, negotiation, teamwork and leadership skills.
Joe Radloff
Friday (3 sessions), 4/13-4/27, 9AM-12PM, WDC Rm 1402
$120 Chamber of Commerce discount
Business and Professional Speaking

Arachnophobia? Bibliophobia? Claustrophobia? Nope, it’s Glossophobia. Research suggests our number one fear is public speaking. Yet, the ability to speak effectively is one of the most valuable tools you can have. For excelling professionally, now more than ever, your ability to communicate effectively matters. In this workshop you will learn the research and preparation techniques to fuel your confidence. You will analyze the rhetorical situation and leave with the understanding and experience to communicate your ideas with confidence whether you are one-on-one or one-to-many.

Kim Klingbeil 
Wednesday, 5/2, 8:30AM-4:30PM, WDC 1402                                                             
$89 Chamber of Commerce discount

Food and Beverage 

ServSafe Food Protection Manager
The state requires that all food service establishments be under the supervision of a certified food protection manager. This hands-on course will prepare you to earn an ANSI accredited food safety certification from the National Restaurant Association. The exam is proctored on site at the end of the second day. You will learn the importance of food safety through lecture, demos, hands-on activities and personal experiences from our certified ServSafe instructor.
Kristine Freshour
3/5, 8AM-12PM & 3/7, 8AM-1PM
HCC NRC Rm 1202
$165 Tuition
$145 Chamber of Commerce discount
BASSET Training
Create a safer community by keeping drunk drivers off the road. Learn to prevent over consumption of alcohol, intervention techniques, how to properly check ID cards and local and state laws regarding alcohol service. After successful completion of this program, you will receive a certificate and official Beverage Alcohol Sellers/Servers Education & Training (BASSET) identification card from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. If you are a server of alcoholic beverages or you check IDs for alcohol service, this course fulfills the required training necessary to meet state requirements.  
Brian Copple
Monday 5/21, 5:30PM-9:30PM, WDC Rm 1601
$39 Chamber of Commerce discount 


Drone Knowledge Test Prep

Want to fly a drone and get paid? Then, you need your remote pilot certificate. In this interactive, hands-on course, you will develop your understanding of these knowledge areas: UAS regulations, maintenance and preflight inspections; airspace classification and airport operations; aviation weather and emergency procedures; risk management and aeronautical decision-making; and much more. Taught by a certified remote pilot, this class will enable you to gain practical insight and application of aviation concepts and test taking skills. As a result, you will be better prepared to successfully pass the knowledge test and be on your way to earning your remote pilot certificate. Certification exam is not included, this is just a test prep course. Exam process and locations will be discussed during class. Exam fees average $150. Lunch is not included.

Stacey Shrewsbury                                                                                                     
Saturdays (2 sessions), 4/7-4/14, 8AM-1PM, WDC 3603                                                   
$200 Chamber of Commerce discount
The History & Benefits of Doulas

Doulas have an important role for expecting moms and their families. They provide physical and emotional support from labor to postpartum. Learn the history of doulas and their role in healthcare. Through research studies, personal experiences and discussion, you will walk away with a better understanding of a doula’s profession. This class qualifies for 2.5 CEUs for nurses and social workers.

Jessica Poppe 
Friday, 4/13, 9AM-11:30PM, ACEC 2210  
$25 Chamber of Commerce discount
Impact of Childhood Trauma on All Involved

Child trauma occurs every day. It can affect all involved in a different way. Do you understand its dynamics, its impacts, and what you can do to assist in both prevention and recovery? Discover clarity surrounding childhood trauma. As a professional involved with these issues, you’ll learn effective ways to work with all involved and how to help them become better equipped to function on a day-to-day basis. This workshop is open to all professionals working with children. Social Workers are eligible to receive two CEUs for attending the full workshop. Registration ends 4/12.

Dennis Crowell       
Thursday, 4/19, 5:30-7:30PM, ACEC 2210         
$30 Chamber of Commerce discount
Grant Writing Fundamentals

Learn how to craft a winning grant proposal. Grant funding is critical for the success of many nonprofit and public agencies. This course includes essential information and useful tips on grant proposal content, style, format and submission. You will learn how to write a compelling need or problem statement, realistic goals and objectives, a clear description of methods, a workable evaluation plan and an accurate budget. From identifying potential funders to the follow-up steps to take after your proposal is done, this interactive course will cover the basics of grant writing. Registration ends 4/13.

Beverly Beyer
Friday, 4/20, 8AM-4:30PM, WDC 1404 
$115 Chamber of Commerce discount

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