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Student Counseling Resources


Student Counseling Services will be closed during the Heartland Community College Holiday Closure beginning December 21, 2018 at 12:00 PM. We will reopen on January 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM. Phone and email messages will NOT be monitored during this time. If you are in crisis and have an emergency, contact PATH at 309-827-4005 or call 911. 

    • ULifeline is your online resource for college mental health. This site offers a mental health library, drug database and self-evaluation screening tool.               
    • offers you self-help tools and articles. Topics such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse are covered.                                                
    • Suicide Prevention Guide was created to help college students who have considered or previously attempted suicide that aims to provide resources for help.     
    • The Crisis Text Line is the only 24/7 crisis-intervention line that conducts all of it's conversations exclusively by text message. Text START to 741741.
    • Stepping Stones is a sexual assault prevention and assistance program sponsored by the YWCA of McLean County. They help survivors of sexual assault and provide a wide range of support services for those who have survived sexual assault. They also provide support services to families, co-workers and friends. Services include legal assistance, medical care and counseling.
      Contact Information: 309-662-0461

    • McLean County Center for Human Services provides individual counseling, recovery and medical services if you qualify for assistance. Funding for services is provided in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Insurance and third party payers will be exhausted before public aid can be applied to services.
      Contact Information:309-827-5351

    • Institute for Human Resources Pontiac Illinois offers a wide range of services for residents of Livingston County who qualify for aid. Services include counseling, recovery, child custody mediation and screening.
      Contact Information: 815-844-6109

    • Memorial Behavioral Health - Lincoln helps you access care if you are entering or are currently in recovery. The center treats and addresses alcohol, substance abuse and other addictions.
      Contact Information: 217-735-1413

    • Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery assists you with onsite treatment for a wide range of addictions through their treatment facility in Peoria, Illinois. Services are provided as inpatient or outpatient.
      Contact Information: 800-522-3784

    • Chestnut Health Systems focuses on treatment for alcohol and substance abuse issues. Services are provided as inpatient or outpatient. Chestnut accepts many forms of insurance. Depending on income, some payments can be made on a sliding scale.
      Contact Information: 309-827-6026

    • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Website works with military veterans. They provide information on health care, educational benefits and more.

    • The Peoria Vet Center helps veterans in need of counseling services. All services are tailored to the needs of current and retired veterans. If you are unable to pay for counseling services, money set aside in the GI Bill or through Tri-Care may be used.
      Contact Information: 309-665-1475

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    • Student Access and Accommodation Services is a great resource if you are diagnosed with a disability. Serving currently enrolled students, their services include reading and comprehension assistance as well as transportation to campus.
      Contact Information: SCB 1415; 309-268-8259

    • Financial Aid can assist you whether you are a prospective or current HCC student. If you need information on grants, loans and work study grants, this office can help.
      Contact Information: CCB 1106; 309-268-8020

    • Advisement helps prospective, new and current Heartland students plan their college path and answers questions about classes.
      Contact Information: CCB 1000; 309-268-8033

    • Project RISE supports first-generation college students and helps individuals with disabilities graduate college.
      Contact Information: SCB 1000; 309-268-8404

If you are a Heartland Community College student with limited food resources and are experiencing hunger, please come to Student Counseling Services in SCB 2400 to request a food box.  All requests are anonymous and are kept confidential. You do NOT have to be a client of Student Counseling Services to request and receive a food box. 

Request a food box from Student Counseling Services in SCB 2400. Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Student Counseling Services
Phone: 309-268-8390

All interactions between students and counselors are strictly confidential and are not subject to disclosure without a student's written permission.