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DSS Facts

  • Confidentiality - We keep your records and information private. Telling another person about your disability is your choice. You must give us permission to share your accommodations with your instructors.
  • Your responsibility - College is different from high school. You have more responsibilities. Accommodations give you access to programs, classes and activities. They allow you to demonstrate what you have learned, and they do not reduce learning or performance expectations for any student. You determine your success.
  • Deadlines - There is not a deadline for requesting services. We only give accommodations based on your current and future needs, so it is most beneficial to request services as early as possible.
  • Bringing a parent/friend - You can bring a parent or friend to your intake appointment. You have to give permission for them to be there. You do not have to bring anyone with you. You are now an adult. We can't talk to your parents, previous teachers or anyone else about you without your permission. This includes personal information, services, accommodations, grades and even whether or not you are a student in our office.
  • Getting tested for a disability - If you feel that you may have a disability but have never been tested, please come in and talk with us. We are happy to help you.

Contact Us

Disability Support Services

SCB, Room 1415
Phone: 309-268-8259
Fax: 309-268-7877