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Request Accommodations

Getting Started

Before you can apply for accommodations:

  1. You must apply to Heartland Community College
  2. You must have a documented disability. Reasonable accommodations are based on the current impact of the disability on academic performance.

Step 1. Complete an Intake Form

Please print and complete a DSS intake form (PDF).

Step 2. Provide Information

The information you provide will help us determine your needs and services. We need at least one of the following documents:

  • Disability verification form (PDF) picked up from the Disability Support Services office and completed by a qualified professional
  • A letter from a qualified professional on the company letterhead
  • A report/evaluation from a qualified professional (psychologist, school psychologist, neuropsychologist, etc.) on their company letterhead
  • A psychological assessment
  • A Junior Year IEP or Section 504 plan

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step 3. Turn in Your Paperwork

You can mail or fax your intake form and documents to us. You can also drop them off in person at our office inside the Heartland Library.

Disability Support Services
Student Commons Building 1415 
1500 West Raab Road
Normal, IL 61761
Fax: 309-268-7877

Step 4. Intake Appointment

We will call you to schedule your appointment. During your intake meeting, we will:

  • review your information
  • discuss available resources
  • determine reasonable accommodations
  • show you how to use your accommodations in college

Contact Us

Disability Support Services

SCB, Room 1415
Phone: 309-268-8259
Fax: 309-268-7877