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Course Sequence at Heartland

Get an AA or AS degree

You can earn either an AA or AS degree at Heartland Community College. Each degree is about 60 credit hours of study and includes both general education requirements and elective courses. You will use the "elective courses" to complete the Early Childhood Education concentration courses required for the ECP3 program.

Early Childhood Education Concentration Requirements

You must complete five specific early childhood courses (with a grade of C or better) for the Early Childhood Education concentration. You may not substitute these courses. These specific courses are automatically accepted by ISU when you begin the BS portion of the program.

CHLD 102 - Child Growth and Development (3 credit hours)
CHLD 110 - Introduction to Human Verbal Development (3 credit hours)
CHLD 207 - Exceptional Child (3 credit hours)
CHLD 209 - Child, Family and Community (3 credit hours)
EDUC 135 - The Multicultural Classroom (3 credit hours)

Gateways Credential Opportunity

If you also complete CHLD 202 - Health, Safety & Nutrition for the Young Child and some general education classes, you will fulfill the early childhood course requirements for a Gateways to Opportunities Early Childhood Education Level 3 Credential. Other Gateways to Opportunities Credentials are also possible.

Because of ExceleRate Illinois (Illinois’ state-wide quality rating and improvement system), childcare programs will be looking for employees with credentials. Gateways to Opportunities credentials are important for employers to show that they have a qualified staff. Having these credentials will increase your marketability when applying for jobs in early childhood.

BS Degree at Illinois State University

Once you have successfully completed the AA or AS degree with an Early Childhood Education concentration, you will continue your studies in ISU's Early Childhood Teacher Education program.

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