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Faculty Online Grade Entry

Getting Started

You must have a computer with an Internet connection and a browser to begin. Visit https://my.heartland.edu, and login with your network account and password. Choose the IRIS tab to begin. Click on the IRIS icon to login to IRIS.

Entering the grades

Please note: these are very basic instructions. An instruction manual, complete with screen shots and more information on the "Faculty Center" is available on the Z: drive from on-campus.

  1. On the initial screen, click on Self Service.
  2. Click on Faculty Center.
  3. Click on the icon for Grade Roster that's adjacent to the course for which you'd like to enter grades. (The icon looks like a person standing at a whiteboard.)
  4. The midterm grade roster will appear. If it's time to enter final grades, click on the drop down box for Grade Roster Type and select Final Grades.
  5. Enter the grade for each student. You may also select the grade from the drop down box. Some grades are excluded from certain rosters. For example, an "I" grade will not be available for a midterm roster. The "W" grade will not be available for the final roster.
  6. After you've entered your grades, change the Approval Status field to Approved at the top of the screen.
  7. Scroll down and click the Save button.
  8. Click on the Return button to select another class/section.
  9. Click the Sign Out link in the top right corner of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I need to change the grade later?

A: Please continue to use the paper grade change forms. This is required by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB).

Q: Do I still have to turn in the grades on paper?

A: You do not need to submit paper reports to Student Services. Your Associate Dean, however, may still require a printed grade report.

Q: What if a student in my class is not on the roster?

A: Complete our new form and submit it to the Division Secretary or to the Records Office.

Q: Why can I not see or make changes to my grade rosters?

A: The ICCB requires that the Records office very strictly control access to the rosters. Grade rosters for midterm and final grades are only available online during a specified period of time, approximately equal to the time that you have your paper rosters, about a week before the roster is due until the due date.

Q: Do I still need to turn in paper forms for incomplete contracts?

A: Yes, the Records office must retain the paper copy of the incomplete contract.

Q: Do I still need to turn in paper forms for administrative withdrawals?

A: Yes, the Records office must retain the paper copy of the administrative withdrawal. All procedures remain the same and the signature of the Division Chair is still required.

Q: What else can I do in IRIS?

A: You can the view current and past rosters and grades for any class to which you are assigned. Once registration has begun for a future term, you may also view any section to which you are assigned in the system. It will not be available until you are assigned in PeopleSoft as the instructor.

How do I obtain HELP?

For IRIS and grade entry questions, contact:

For technology-related issues, contact: