The HCC Award

In the spirit of encouraging a culture of praise, the HCC award provides the opportunity to recognize the special contributions of employees that make Heartland Community College a positive environment in which to work and learn. The HCC Award facilitates on the spot recognition to notice and commend the extra efforts, whether large or small, exhibited by co-workers.


All Heartland employees are eligible for recognition. Recognized employees will receive an electronic certificate alerting them that their actions/contributions were noticed. Recognition can occur at any time by any other employee.

The names of all employees recognized during a given month will be placed into a drawing for a $10 Heartland Cafeteria or Heartland Bookstore gift certificate. The names of all employees recognized throughout the calendar year will be placed into a drawing for a gift certificate in the amount of $50.00.

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Employees recognized during the month of October 2014

Carol Reid
Christina Junior
Colleen Bannon
Dewhitt Bingham ,Terry Lowe
Eric Hansen
Frankie Pelusi, Tray Taylor, Bhakti Chheda
Janet Beach-Davis
Janet Hill-Getz
Kathy Mathewson
Kim Travers, Jay Bekker
Libby Norcross
LJ Douglas
Lynda Smith
Lynna Briggs
Manju Kishore, Amy Munson
Michael McAvoy
Nick Schmitt, Sarah Diel Hunt
Nikki Burrmann, Anne Colloton, Nick Schmitt
Padriac Shinville
Sarah Diel-Hunt, Kim McHale
Scott Rager, Sarah Diel-Hunt

The winner for September 2014 was Deb Gentry

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