The HCC Award

In the spirit of encouraging a culture of praise, the HCC award provides the opportunity to recognize the special contributions of employees that make Heartland Community College a positive environment in which to work and learn. The HCC Award facilitates on the spot recognition to notice and commend the extra efforts, whether large or small, exhibited by co-workers.


All Heartland employees are eligible for recognition. Recognized employees will receive an electronic certificate alerting them that their actions/contributions were noticed. Recognition can occur at any time by any other employee.

The names of all employees recognized during a given month will be placed into a drawing for a $10 Heartland Cafeteria or Heartland Bookstore gift certificate. The names of all employees recognized throughout the calendar year will be placed into a drawing for a gift certificate in the amount of $50.00.

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Employees recognized during the month of February 2015

Adam Fisher
Bethany Kriegsman, Richard Seehuus
Demitrius Harris
Dewhitt Bingham
Jane Chapman
Julie Fraser-Lindsey
Kim Kelley, Kim McHale
Laura Phillips
Lisa Putnam Cole
Mac McAvoy
Nikki Burrmann
Padriac Shinville
Sarah Diel-Hunt and Scott Rager
Shelley Marquis, Angie Castleman, Manoj Moorjani
Tom McCulley
Wendy Johnson
Zach Petrea, Nick Schmitt

The winner for January 2015 was Kyra Ester

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