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Residency Requirements for In-District Tuition

Map of HCC District 540

Map of HCC District 540

In accordance with Illinois Community College Board and Illinois Public Community College Act rules on residency the following definitions will determine residency status for students in Community College District 540, Heartland Community College, unless provided under a separate written agreement with the Heartland Community College Board of Trustees.

Proof of in-district residency is required for you to receive the in-district tuition rate unless you graduated from a high school located in Heartland's district within the past year. *Documentation of in-district residency must be provided on the first day of your first class to receive in-district tuition rates. To prove in-district residency, you must meet one of the criteria below at least 30 days prior to the start of the academic term regardless of your class session. 

  1. Residing with your parent or guardian within District 540
  2. Emancipated minor, completely self-supporting and residing within District 540
  3. Married and maintaining a family residence within District 540
  4. Single and self-supporting as defined by the Federal Office of Education and maintaining a residence within District 540

Special Residency Classifications

Students who meet one of the following criteria will be considered for in-district tuition rates: *

  1. You reside outside District 540, but work full time within the district.
        - Please download the Residency by Employment form and return to Admissions.
  2. You reside outside District 540, are a dependent of a parent/guardian who works full time within the district.
        - Please download the Residency by Employment form and return to Admissions.
  3. You reside outside District 540 but pay property taxes on land within the district.
        - Please bring or fax a copy of the tax bill to Admissions in the Community Commons Building.
  4. Visiting students currently attending Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, Lincoln College or Lincoln Christian University must show a student I.D. and a current class schedule for the term you are planning on attending HCC to receive in-district tuition rates (summer semester is an exception – either spring or fall schedule can be used for residency). 
  5. Out-of-district students attending Heartland Community College by virtue of an approved Cooperative Agreement (Interdistrict or otherwise) or Chargeback will only be required to pay the in-district tuition rate at Heartland Community College.
  6. * Residency requirements may be different for Heartland selective admission programs.

Valid Documentation (subject to approval)

 The following will be accepted if name, address and date are valid and provided by the first day of your first class:

  • Voter's registration in District 540
  • Tax, utility or rent receipts
  • Valid driver's license or vehicle registration in District 540
  • Valid IL state ID
  • Bank account statement in District 540
  • Lease from apartment or house with a District 540 address
  • Mortgage agreement or contract to purchase
  • Medical bills
  • Credit card statement
  • Insurance card or statement
  • Hunting or fishing license
  • Shelter residency documentation
  • Paystub
  • Installment loan documentation (car/boat/motorcycle etc.)
  • Military active duty / Discharge documentation

How Do I Submit Documentation?
Choose one of the following:

  • Scan and email your residency documentation to:
        mychecklist@heartland.edu (please list your name and ID number in the body of the email) 
  • Fax your residency documentation to: 309-268-7971
  • Mail your residency documentation in attention to:
        Heartland Community College
        Normal, IL 61761
  • Bring your residency documentation in person to Admissions in the Community Commons Building
  • Questions? Call the Office of Admissions: 309-268-8010.