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CHLD 109: Observation and Assessment of Young Children

This course is designed to demonstrate to the student how to do authentic, alternative, classroom-based assessment on young children and how to appropriately use standardized test information. The course will further provide the student with the knowledge and skills to interpret and use the information gained to plan curriculum that is responsive to and supportive of children's learning and development. Students will have the opportunity to engage in assessment processes through means of classroom observations, providing each student with a stronger understanding of child development skills. Students learn about and explore a variety of age, individually, linguistically and culturally appropriate formal and informal assessments to gather and share information on each child's skills, abilities, interests and needs, birth through age 8. Includes field experiences.

CHLD 109 Syllabus** (PDF format, 214 KB, 7 pages)



Various resources used within the course or assigned activities.

Content Questions** (PDF format, 156 KB, 5 pages)

Compilation of questions pertaining to textbook and additional course readings. Questions are arranged sequentially by textbook chapter.

Discussion Questions** (PDF format, 147 KB, pages)

Potential topics for discussion in an online discussion board or during classroom instruction.

Readings and Resources** (PDF format, 179 KB, 3 pages)

Current, evidence-based resources aligned with OSEP-mandated objectives based on knowledge, skills, and dispositions early childhood practitioners need to acquire to support the learning and development of children and families within inclusive settings..

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