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Why is Inclusion Important?

nclusion is important for many reasons.

  • Molds the values of the next generation of children
    • Students see the person first and the disability second
    • Students learn empathy and to value diversity
  • Provides opportunities for friendships
    • The development of friendships requires close proximity and a common experience. Keeping children together encourages both objectives
    • Students develop a comfortable way to interact with students with disabilities
    • Children with disabilities attend the same school as their neighborhood friends
  • Prepares individuals for adult life in the community
    • Today's classmates are tomorrow's employers
    • Community life is not divided into "typical" community and "special ed" community.
  • Maintains a typical family structure to life
    • Siblings can be educated together at the same school
    • Parents are not stretched between two or more settings
  • Cultivates an enriched learning environment
    • Additional resources (therapists, special educators, etc.) in the classroom benefit all children
    • Diversified teaching strategies and the common use of modifications and adaptations benefit all children
    • Children with disabilities learn from typically developing peers who can act as role models, making them more likely to develop appropriate social and communication skills

"What is Inclusion?" provides general information on inclusion.

"How to Support Inclusion?" provides tips on ways to support your child in an inclusive setting

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