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Observing Your Child

Watching your child in a classroom or playground setting and recording those observations can be beneficial when describing your child to professionals.

Things to think about when observing your child:

Social Interactions:

  • Does my child initiate interactions with other children?
  • Does my child initiate interactions with other adults?
  • Does my child respond to interactions initiated by others?
  • How does my child play with other children? Does my child play side- by- side with little interaction or does my child readily engage the other children around them?
  • Do other children and adults understand my child's communication?
  • How does my child handle conflicts with other children?
  • What challenges did my child face?

Classroom Participation:

  • Does my child follow group directions?
  • Does my child follow directions given directly to him/her?
  • Does my child volunteer answers to group questions?
  • Does my child engage in all areas of the classroom environment?
  • Does my child easily transition from one activity to another?
  • What are my child's favorite / least favorite activities?
  • What challenges does/did my child face?

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