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Role of Family

When your child has a disability or is at risk for developmental delays, your role as a parent expands and becomes even more foundational to your child's development. Following are some unique aspects of parenting a child with a disability or delay.

How do I talk to others about my child?

When your child has a disability you will be asked to describe your child and their disability to medical professionals, educators, friends and family. Learn ways to effectively talk to others about your child.

How do I support my child's siblings and grandparents?

Siblings and grandparents have benefited many times from additional support to understand the impact that the disability has on them. Discover resources to help siblings and grandparents.

How do I support my child through the IEP or IFSP?

When your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) it is important that you are a fully participating member of the team that develops these documents. Learn how to support your child through development of their IEP or IFSP.

How do I keep records?

When a child has a disability, the number of meetings, phone calls, and correspondence to educators and medical professionals can seem overwhelming. Learn how to keep effective records of your child's educational and medical history.

What parenting resources are available to help me with my child?

Parenting every child has its unique challenges and rewards. Discover general parenting resources and specific parent training resources for children with disabilities through our Parent Training Resources.

Where can I find out more about my child's disability and medical needs?

Connecting with medical resources and support sites for specific disabilities will help you gain knowledge about your child's specific medical and disability needs. Visit Medical and Disability Resources for additional resources.

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