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FREN Courses

FREN 101: French I
A beginning course in French, with emphasis on the development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Basic vocabulary, essentials of French grammar and syntax, correct pronunciation and intonation, and the use of actual speech patterns are covered. Students with two or more years of high school French should not enroll in FREN 101. 4 HRS

FREN 102: French II
A continuation of French I, with emphasis on expanding the basic conversational vocabulary and more detailed study of grammatical principles and syntactic patterns. 4 HRS

FREN 201: French III
Intensive practice in conversation and composition, combined with a review of grammatical and syntactic principles to attain advanced intermediate proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading in French. 4 HRS

IAI Humanities

FREN 202: Intermediate French II
FREN 202 is a fourth semester course that focuses on the mastery of intermediate and advanced level French language concepts. The course incorporates strategies to improve oral and written communicative competencies through discussions, readings, and compositions on cultures, customs, and traditions of the French-speaking world. Additionally, students will analyze short pieces of Francophone literature and engage in a cross-disciplinary presentation in relation to the humanities: Art, literature, music, dance, etc. 4 HRS
IAI GEC Code - H1 900