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What will a student of Music learn?

As a music student, you'll be given the knowledge necessary to play an instrument or improve your voice, and develop a better understanding of music through the social, cultural and historical perspectives that encompass it. To become a competent musician technically and artistically, you will engage in the study of music history and theory, along with music composition, style and performance. Using this knowledge you will be able to write your own compositions and develop your own unique performance style.

Fast Facts

A wide variety of music courses are available, including instruction in piano, guitar and other instruments, along with voice, theory, Jazz/Blues/Rock and Roll, music history and an assortment of other special topics. HCC music students have opportunities to perform at the Astroth Community Education Center and more informally at the Campus Café.

What is the occupational outlook?

Because you will develop a diverse set of skills as a student of music, employment is possible in many different areas, including:

  • Band/Concert/Music Venue Promotion
  • Sound/Lighting/Recording Engineering
  • Broadcasting/Deejaying
  • Instrument Repair/Restoration
  • Live/Session Performance
  • Music Journalism
  • Recording Industry
  • Teaching/Consulting