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THEA Courses

IAI Fine Arts

THEA 101: Introduction to Theater
THEA 101 is an introductory course which focuses on drama as a performing art. Students will examine representative plays and study the historical, social, cultural, aesthetic, and technical aspects of theatrical expression. 3 HRS
IAI GEC Code - F1 907

THEA 104: Acting I
Fundamentals of acting: concentration, observation, playing action and other basics are introduced through acting exercises, improvisations, and scene study. Major acting proponents from Meisner, Stanislavski, and Shurtleff, will be used as the basis for helping the actor acquire the craft in order to create believable characters. 3 HRS

THEA 204: Acting II
Designed to offer the student advanced training in the art of acting with regard to play analysis, believable character creation, implementation of acting skills as applied to a variety of texts and styles, and the practice of the three elements of acting (body, voice and mind). This course meets 5 hours for 3 hours credit. 3 HRS