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Early Childhood Education (Associate in Applied Science Degree)

65 credit hours.

This web page is currently undergoing revisions. Please call an academic advisor at 309-268-8033 for current course information.

The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education offers many professional development options. Each option prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities within the field, including: teaching at a child care center, Head Start, or preschool program; owning and operating a family child care; working as a nanny; directing an early childhood program; or working within early intervention, pre-k at risk, or special education programs. The goals for professional development include supporting student acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for success in the field. Professional success, in turn, makes a difference in the lives of young children, their families, and the larger society.

Courses within the curriculum are based on National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards for Associate Degree Programs, the Illinois Professional Teaching standards, and the Early Childhood Special Education standards. As a "blended" Associate Degree program, the courses integrate knowledge and effective practices from the fields of early childhood education and early childhood special education, which prepares students to recognize, support, and enhance the vast diversity of child and family development and learning needs.

General Education Core Requirements:

Course Course Name Credit Hours
COMM 101 Introduction to Oral Communication 3
ENGL 101 Composition I 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
  Mathematics Elective 3
  Social Science Electives 6
  Humanities and Fine Arts Elective 3
  Life Sciences or Physical Sciences Electives 3-4

Required Core:

Course Course Name Credit Hours
CHLD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
CHLD 102 Growth and Development of the Young Child 3
CHLD 105 Curriculum for Early Childhood Programs 3
CHLD 108 Guidance of the Young Child 3
CHLD 109 Observation & Assessment of Young Children 3
CHLD 201 Child Development Practicum I 3
CHLD 202 Health, Safety & Nutrition for the Young Child 3
CHLD 206 Child Development Practicum II 3
CHLD 207 Exceptional Child 3
CHLD 209 Child, Family and Community 3

Electives (8-12 credit hours):

Course Course Name Credit Hours
CHLD 204 Infant and Toddler Care 3
CHLD 205 Family Day Care Management** 2
CHLD 208 Child Care Center/Early Childhood Administration 3
CHLD 210 School Age Programming** 2
CHLD 215 Child Advocacy 2
CHLD 220 Individual and Family Development 3
CHLD 221 Foundations of Inclusion 3

*All CHLD electives allow concurrent enrollment in READ 91.
**Allow concurrent enrollment in READ 91 and ENGL 95.

Information contained on this Web site is subject to change. Please check with an academic advisor for current course offerings and program requirements. Current students with continual enrollment may graduate under the current program requirements or any program requirements in effect since first enrollment. Students who intend to graduate must meet with an Academic Advisor to complete an "Application to Graduate" form a full semester prior to graduation. This will help ensure that a student meets all graduation requirements. Remember to always check with the school you are interested in attending for specific requirements.