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Criminal Justice Studies

What Will I Learn?

The criminal justice studies field is an exciting and rewarding career choice for those wishing to work in an area that offers a variety of experiences on a daily basis. Individuals will have an opportunity to make contributions to their communities through their work in the criminal justice studies field.

The criminal justice studies program at Heartland Community College is designed to prepare individuals for employment or upgrading of skills for police agencies, correctional facilities, or security companies.

What Is The Occupational Outlook?

Cities, counties, states, federal government agencies, and the armed forces are the major employers of law enforcement and corrections officers. Advancement is determined by several factors. Eligibility for promotion may depend on length of service, job performance, formal education and training, and the results of written, oral, and physical examinations.

Employment opportunities in the field of law enforcement remain consistent. More growth in job openings is expected at the local and state level than at the federal level.

Note: Career descriptions are based on information found in Illinois Career services Information Systems.

What Are My Options?

The Associate in Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice Studies is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in law enforcement, probation or parole, correctional institutions, and private investigations. For those currently employed in the criminal justice studies field, the program affords the opportunity for professional growth and career advancement. The A.A.S. degree includes a significant portion of general education courses. The general education courses are Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) approved courses that transfer to participating four-year institutions.

The Corrections Certificate is a one-year program designed to prepare graduates for entry level employment opportunities or for concurrent field practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skills. Students choosing to continue their education after the criminal justice studies certificate may continue into either the applied science degree program or transfer preparation program for criminal justice studies.