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Transfer Preparation for Criminal Justice Studies

Minimum of 60 credit hours.

This 60 credit hour program is designed for students planning to complete the first two years of study leading to a baccalaureate degree and major in Criminal Justice Studies at a four-year college or university in Illinois. A typical associate in arts or associate in science is a minimum of 60 credit hours however a transfer preparation may require different coursework depending on the receiving school. Students should consult an advisor to determine the range of electives most appropriate for the transfer institution they plan to attend.

A multi-disciplinary approach exposes aspiring criminal justice practitioners to various occupations and scholars within the criminal justice field. This approach prepares students for written and oral testing required to obtain employment in various criminal justice fields.

The following courses are recommended if you choose to begin your college career at one Illinois school and later transfer to another, and you want to make sure the courses you take will count toward a degree at the new school. Remember to consult with your academic advisor early and often in your academic career!

AA Degree course requirements
AS Degree course requirements