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Emergency Medical Services

What Will I Learn?

The emergency medical services field is an exciting and rewarding career choice for those who desire to find employment or volunteer in an area that offers a variety of experiences on a daily basis. Individuals will have an opportunity to make contributions to their communities through their work in the health care field through a variety of Emergency Medical Services certificates.

What Is The Occupational Outlook?

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) provide immediate diagnosis and care to critically ill or injured people and may transport them to hospitals. EMTs are employed by private and public ambulance services, fire departments, hospitals, private corporations or medical practices, and government agencies such as the military.

The employment outlook is favorable for expansion within the field for the next five years.

Note: Career descriptions are based on information found in Illinois Career Services Information Systems (2010).

What Are My Options?

The emergency medical services program at Heartland Community College is designed to prepare individuals for employment and upgrade of skills for hospitals, ambulance services, and fire departments to implement current practices of pre-hospital emergency care.

All levels of EMTs must be licensed in the State of Illinois which involves both a theory and field (clinical) component.

Things To Consider...

Criminal background checks are required by all field experience providers. Students will be required to complete a criminal background history at their own expense through a college selected provider prior to any field experience. For a list of disqualifying criminal offenses, click here.

Individuals interested in the advanced level certificates are required to meet with the Heartland Community College Program Assistant to Emergency Medical Services, Bob Reynolds, to complete the Advanced EMT Certificate Pre-Requisite Checklist* (available in PDF format, 15.9 KB, 1 page) prior to registration in EMT 220 or EMT 230.

*Note: You must download and install Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ in order to view and print the EMT checklist.

Additional supplies, uniforms, and equipment such as stethoscope, scissors, etc., must be purchased by the student prior to the field experience at a cost of approximately $100. See the frequently asked questions page for other information about the Emergency Medical Services field and the EMT oath regarding the level of professionalism expected.