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Honors Program Requirements

Ebony Alden and Deborah Gentry

Ebony Alden and Deborah Gentry

Beginning Fall 2014, students must complete the following requirements to receive Honors Program completion recognition on their HCC transcript and at commencement:

  • HONR 101 - Honors Seminar I (offered Fall semester)
  • HONR 201 - Honors Seminar II (offered Spring semester)
  • Four (4) In-Course Honors Contract* courses as follows:
  • Participation in at least two Honors events each semester enrolled in the Honors Program

*In-Course Honors Contract

An In-Course Honors Contract provides an opportunity for a student to receive Honors credit for a particular course by completing an additional project. The student works with their instructor to design a project that fits the parameters of both the course outcomes and at least one of the Phi Theta Kappa Hallmarks (Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service). Upon completion of the project, the instructor certifies that it meets the agreed-upon criteria to receive Honors Program credit. The project itself does not count toward the course grade.