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Student Experiences

As a member of the Heartland Community College Honors Program, you can be involved in a variety of in and out of class activities. The small, yet stimulating learning community cultivates insightful dialogue, interpersonal relationships, as well as increases the capacity for learning. You and your fellow Honors students are offered a wealth of opportunities to interact with faculty, staff, and peers. Many of these opportunities are responsible for positively shaping your overall Heartland Community College experience. As a participant in the program, you will find value in sharing experiences with peers in your cohort as the collaborative environment can be a source of momentum for continued academic excellence.

The testimonials provided below highlight the educational and interpersonal experiences of participants of the HCC Honors Class of 2009-2011.


  • "I enjoy being a part of the Honors Program because of the smaller classes. These classes allowed me to not only get to better know my professors and classmates, but also allowed me to feel comfortable in the classroom." –Beth Walther
  • "The Honors Program provides a unique experience of having small class sizes with self-motivated peers." –Ebony Alden
  • "Having small classes and instructors who are deeply involved in the program make the Honors classes the best part of the semester." –Arthur Avery
  • "If it were not for this program, I would not be involved in as many groups and organizations or as involved in my classes." –Brittney Van Note
  •  "The Honors Program is great because it keeps me challenged, and I really enjoy the people I have met in it. It helped me feel more comfortable to be a part of a small class and gave me a lot of additional opportunities at Heartland." –Leah Pinson

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Honors Program Advisor

Sara Bourque
Phone: (309) 268-8029

Honors Program Director

Dr. Sarah Diel-Hunt
Phone: (309) 268-8593