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Faculty Professional Development

All College Best Practices Kick-Off

This day-long event to kick-off each new semester features keynote address, presentations, demonstrations, exhibits and more.

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Faculty Academy I:

A series of sessions specially designed primarily to orient new faculty to the teaching-learning environment at HCC.

Faculty Academy II:

Focused study (involving participant reflection, application, and discussion) of the contents of a book pertaining to teaching and learning issues.

Faculty Academy III:

One-time or multi-session seminars pertaining to specialized topics of interest such as peer mentoring and observation, developmental education, service learning, greening the curriculum, or "flipping" the classroom.

Great Teacher Retreat

Modeled after nationally known Great Teacher Retreat Workshops, this annual, full-day retreat at Allerton Park and Conference Center, Monticello, IL, is co-sponsored with Parkland College and Richland Community College.

Teaching Squares:

Small groups of faculty voluntarily engage in observing in each other’s classrooms and then providing constructive feedback.

Grounds for Learning:

Informal gatherings of faculty over coffee to discuss a wide array of topics concerning teaching and learning supplemented with web-based reflection and discussion. Possible topics include student success strategies, restorative justice approaches, and classroom management.

Assessment Forms & Methods:

Single session offerings that highlight different methods of assessing courses and academic programs. Guidance for completing Assessment Forms is also provided.

In Co-Sponsorship with Other Offices at HCC

Tech Talks:

Single or multiple-session presentations on instructional technology. For example, podcasting, use of audience response systems, and web technologies.

Training & certification for alternative instruction delivery systems:

Online and face-to-face training focusing on proper design and implementation of online/hybrid instruction. Supplemental use of alternative delivery systems is also addressed.