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History with Our China Partners

HCC has partnerships with three institutions in China. Each partnership involves different activities and is continually developing.

Our "sister colleges" include:

  • College Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University or CHS/NENU (formerly known as Jilin International Institute of Languages and Culture or JIILC) in Changchun, China.
  • Liaoning Normal University (LNU) in Dalian, China
  • Dalian Radio and TV University in China located in Dalian
China Map

Heartland Community College administrators and faculty members have visited China on many occasions. In return, we have hosted many guests and offered professional experiences for faculty and administrators.

Partnership Timeline

January - December 2008: Heartland welcomed Cui, Lin from LNU as a Visiting Professor. Cui will teach credit and non-credit Chinese language and culture courses. She will also assist our International Students from China with residential and academic issues.

January 2008: A third, but smaller, group of six students began our Academic ESL program. Most students from the January 2007 admission class began credit courses

August 2007: Heartland accepted a group of 25 for admission into the LNU/HCC ESL/AA Program.

July/August 2007:Representatives from our partnership colleges, Northeast Normal University and Liaoning Normal University, attended Hearltand’s grand opening of the Work Force Development Center

January 2007 - January 2008: Wang, Feng (Richard) accompanied Chinese students to the United States, resided at their apartment complex, provided general assistance as needed, and served as a liaison between current and future LNU/HCC ESL/AA students, parents, and LNU.

January 2007: Heartland accepted the first class of Chinese students into a newly created Academic Intensive English as a Second Language curriculum. Students were admitted for three years to Heartland with the intent of completing one year of ESL, a two-year Associate’s degree at Heartland, and eventually transferring to earn a Bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution of their choice. The LNU/HCC ESL/AA Program began with thirty students.

Visiting Professor of Chinese Languages-Yamei

Visiting Professor of Chinese Languages-Yamei Liu

August 2006 - December 2007: To kick-off our relationship with Liaoning Normal University, Liu, Yamei served as our first Visiting Professor of Chinese Languages at Heartland during the 2006-2007 academic year. Liu taught English at LNU and had served as a Division Chief for a Public Relations group and as a producer/hostess for a bilingual television at Dalian TV station. During her visiting professorship, Lui taught Chinese I and II in addition to some Community Education offerings.

Fall 2005: Chris Miller, Assistant Professor of Industrial Technology, taught conversational English at NENU from September 2005 - January 2006. In addition, Lindsay Bierbaum, a Heartland student, was selected for a student fellowship, which coincided with Chris Miller’s teaching experience. Bierbaum shared her experiences by writing a column for the student newspaper, the Spectator. She also taught conversational English at NENU during this time.

August 2005 - May 2006: Heartland Community College was honored to host Fulbright Scholar Tian, Zhongyu from NENU. His teaching assignment included: Writing Skills Review II (ENGL 095), Business Communications (BUSN 115), Doing Business with China (BUSN 296), and our Chinese School for youth. To further extend his reach, Zhongyu made many presentations on-campus, to local organizations, and at other academic institutions.

Fall 2004: Northeast Normal University invited Heartland to send a delegation to attend their 15th anniversary celebration in September 2004 at their new campus. In attendance were Dr. Jonathan Astroth (President), Jim White (Board of Trustees' chairperson) with his wife, Dr. Helen McKay-Katz (Dean of Development), Dr. Ruifang Cao (Faculty), and Pamela Sweetwood (Coordinator of Special Programs). Joining the group was Virginia McMillian from the Illinois Community College Board. Representatives from Japan, Singapore, and Russia were also in attendance. The trip was an opportunity to meet with past visitors to Heartland as well as make plans for future projects between both institutions.

Summer 2004: Dr. Jonathan Astroth, Heartland Community College President, visited China in 2000 and the College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University in 2002. In summer 2004, he returned as a speaker at an international conference on international education and to visit the College of Humanities and Sciences at Northeast Normal University.

May 2004: Professor Guo, Xuexian visited Heartland for two weeks. During her stay, she met many campus and community members. Her trip focused on developing new community services for citizens of her area. Before departing, Guo attended Heartland’s graduation ceremonies.

Spring 2004: Jennifer Pauken Cherry, Assistant Professor of English, taught from February through July 2004 at the College of Humanities and Sciences at Northeast Normal University. As part of her assignment, she taught students learning the English language as well as assisted faculty in the Foreign Language/English department in their conversational and writing skills.

June 2002: Dr. Ruifang Cao, Assistant Professor of Applied Computer Science, has visited China numerous times lecturing and giving presentations to students and faculty. On June 5, 2002, she was named a Visiting Professor at the College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University.

Summer 2002: Wang Zhe, Lu Yongwei, and Wang Yugang, Junior Teaching Program instructors from the College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University, visited Heartland Community College for a professional development program for six-weeks.

August 2000: Professor Zhoe Jingsi attended Heartland Community College’s new campus groundbreaking.

Summer 2000: Dr. Fred Peterson, Dean of Student Services, visited Changchun and Beijing in August 2000 on behalf of the Illinois Community College Board. This visit followed Dr. Hazel E. Loucks, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Illinois, visit in May 2000. The purpose of Peterson’s visit was to share the structure of the Illinois Community College system with Chinese officials.

1999: Dr. Helen McKay-Katz, Dean of Development, and Dr. Valerie Roberson, former Vice-President of Institutional Advancement, visited many areas in China during a trip in 1999.