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Professional Development Opportunities for Employees

International travel offers a unique professional development opportunity. Heartland Community College encourages employees to visit other countries, learn from their colleagues, and experience a different culture via Faculty/Staff/Administrator international exchanges.

Professional Development at HCC

Professional Development at HCC

Two-Week Exchange

For over 10 years, Heartland Community College has participated in a program where Heartland employees participate in a two-week exchange with a colleague from England, Finland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Any full-time employee may apply to participate.

Teaching in Another Country

Faculty may apply to teach for a summer, semester or a year in another country. Employees benefiting from international travel or teaching are expected to share their experiences with the College upon their return. Before and after their teaching abroad experience, participants will also be responsible for recruiting Heartland students to study abroad in that country.

Note: Academic calendars vary depending on the country.