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Library Instruction Room (SCB 1515)

Heartland Library's Instruction Room provides a computer classroom for prearranged classes visiting the Library. It is designed for instruction in the use of Library resources and services. Instruction is provided by Heartland librarians at the request of faculty members.

Faculty members who wish to provide their own Library instruction are also welcome to use the Library Instruction Room, provided it has not already been reserved. Please contact Carol Reid to reserve the room.

The Library Instruction Room is also available to campus groups with the understanding that Library classes will be given priority. It is not possible to schedule recurring meetings. Any non-Library reservation of SCB 1515 will be canceled if there is a need for the Library to use it. Please contact Carol Reid to reserve the room.

Usage Guidelines

Anyone using the Library Instruction Room must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Book the Library Instruction Room through the Information Services Librarian.
  • The introduction of hardware and/or software not already on the network is prohibited.
  • Instructors agree they will not compromise the security of the College's or Library's network by sharing staff passwords with students.
  • Instructors agree they will not alter any configurations already set on the computers in SCB 1515.
  • Data may not be saved to the hard drives.
  • No food or drink is permitted in SCB 1515
  • Any violation of this policy will result in withdrawal of use of SCB 1515.