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Engineering Science (Associate in Engineering Science Degree)

62 credit hours.

The Associate in Engineering Science is a two-year program designed to prepare students to transfer as a junior in a baccalaureate-engineering program. The A.E.S. represents the first two years of a typical four-year program. During the two years of the A.E.S. program, students will complete the core courses for most engineering programs, including math, physics, chemistry and engineering mechanics. After completing the A.E.S. program, remaining requirements to earn a baccalaureate degree typically include program/department-specific electives. Students should consult an advisor to determine the range of electives most appropriate for the transfer institution they plan to attend.

General Education Core Requirements:

Course Course Name Credit Hours
CHEM 161 General Chemistry 5
ENGL 101 Composition I 3
ENGL 102 Composition II 3
MATH 161 Calculus I 4
MATH 162 Calculus II 4
MATH 163 Calculus III 4
PHYS 171 Mechanics 4
  Social and Behavioral Science Elective 3
  Humanities Elective 3

Required Core:

Course Course Name Credit Hours
CHEM 162 General Chemistry II 5
CSCI 171 Computing for Engineering and Science 3
ENGR 110 Engineering Graphics 3
MATH 272 Differential Equations 4
PHYS 172 Electricity & Magnetism 4
PHYS 173 Fluids & Thermal Physics 2
PHYS 174 Quantum Physics 2

Specialty Courses (complete ONE option listed below):

Specialty courses may be completed at the institution to which a student intendes to transfer. (Credit must be transferred back to HCC to meet A.E.S. program requirements.)

Option 1: Chemistry

Course Course Name Credit Hours
CHEM 241 Organic Chemistry I 5
CHEM 242 Organic Chemistry II 5

Option 2: Mechanical

Course Course Name Credit Hours
ENGR 271 Engineering Mechanics: Statics 3
ENGR 272 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 3

Option 3: Electrical

Course Course Name Credit Hours
  Electrical Circuits 4
  Digital Circuits 4

The minimum number of 62 semester hours of credit are required to earn the A.E.S. degree.

Refer to the curriculum sequence for an example two year sequence of courses.

Information contained on this Web site is subject to change. Please check with an academic advisor for current course offerings and program requirements. Current students with continual enrollment may graduate under the current program requirements or any program requirements in effect since first enrollment. Students who intend to graduate must meet with an Academic Advisor to complete an "Application to Graduate" form a full semester prior to graduation. This will help ensure that a student meets all graduation requirements. Remember to always check with the school you are interested in attending for specific requirements.