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Annual Administrator & Faculty Salary and Benefits

In compliance with Illinois Public Act 096-0266, the Illinois Community College Board has worked with Illinois' 48 public community colleges to provide a single point of reference to review salary and benefits information for all full- and part-time administrative and instructional employees. That Web site is now available at http://iccbdbsrv.iccb.org/salarysearch/home.cfm .

The new legislative requirement to report individual employee salary and benefits also impacts public P-12 education and public universities. Companion Web sites are being set up for public school employees (Illinois State Board of Education) and public university employees (Illinois Board of Higher Education).

A full draft of the legislation is available on the Illinois General Assemble Web site at http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/fulltext.asp?Name=096-0266&GA=96.