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Heartland Hosts Electricity Reduction Competition

Heartland’s Electricity Reduction Competition


Heartland Community College is hosting an Electricity Reduction Competition among the Community Commons Building, Workforce Development Center and Child Development Lab on the Normal campus. The competition to reduce electricity and will take place from April 7-25. You can start the competition early by using Hunter’s tips for reducing energy use to get into the habit of saving energy.


Hunter’s 10 simple tips for reducing energy usage:

1.            Turn off your computer screen saver.

2.            Turn off your monitor when away from your computer for more than 15 minutes.

3.            Turn off lights when you leave the room.

4.            Use only necessary overhead lights.

5.            Use task lighting rather than overhead lights.

6.            Open window coverings for free natural light.

7.            Unplug personal electronics when not in use.

8.            Refrain from using a space heater.

9.            Turn off computer projectors at the end of use.

10.          Set devices, including cell phones, to power-saving modes.


Visit www.heartland.edu/greenInstitute weekly for competition rankings and more energy saving tips.