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Leading Environmental Sustainability in Central Illinois

Heartland Community College, along with other educational institutions and local businesses, understands the importance of promoting and participating in the environmental awareness movement. Institutions of higher education have a responsibility to assume a leadership role in the education of protecting and sustaining our natural environment if we wish to promote the future growth of our country. Heartland Community College is confidently accepting this leadership challenge through increased efforts in environmental consciousness.

In pursuit of greening its own backyard, the Heartland Community College Workforce Development Center has been designed as a green building with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification pending. Built to promote initiatives such as energy efficiency, water conservation, material recycling and reuse, natural day lighting and alternative energy options, LEED buildings are sustainable by design. The WDC allows Heartland Community College to educate the campus and surrounding community about the importance of efforts such as resource efficiency and conservation.

Additional green efforts at Heartland Community College exist, as well. The Greenspace Team helps to develop and maintain green spaces on the college's campus. Earth Day celebrations have occurred in the form of tree plantings, nature walks and more. The expansion of the Constitution Trail leading directly to Heartland Community College promotes conservation through the increased opportunity for walking or biking to the campus.