Grants help pay for educational expenses and do not need to be repaid. State and federal governments provide grant money.

To qualify for a grant, make sure you complete the FAFSA.

Grants at Heartland Community College

Here are several types of grants used by Heartland Community College Students:

  • Federal Pell Grant
    The Federal Pell Grant is the largest source of financial assistance for HCC students. The grants range from $593 to $5,820 for the academic year depending on financial need and hours of enrollment.

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
    Limited FSEOG funds are awarded to supplement Pell Grant funds received. Grants usually range from $250-$500 and priority is given to those who apply by December 1.

  • Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Monetary Award Program (MAP)
    All residents of Illinois automatically apply for the MAP when they submit their FAFSA. MAP can only be used to pay tuition and fees. MAP grants are contingent on state funding, so it's important to apply for financial aid early.

  • Illinois National Guard Grant (ING)
    The ING is awarded to members of the Illinois National Guard or the Illinois Naval Militia who have served at least one year and are currently in the Guard or Militia. The grant pays tuition and certain fees for 120 credit hours of enrollment at any state-supported institution. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office and must be submitted for each academic year of enrollment.

  • Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG)
    The IVG is awarded to eligible students who entered the military from the state of Illinois, served at least one year of honorable active duty and returned to Illinois within six months of separation. IVG pays tuition and certain fees and is not based on financials need; however, recipients need to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.

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