BankMobile Vibe

Your BankMobile Vibe account is just like a new checking account.

BankMobile Vibe is a fully functioning FDIC insured checking account that allows you to access your student refunds quicker and easier than ever before. BankMobile Vibe has no minimum balance and offers free Internet banking features. As with most bank accounts, some fees may be assessed. You can directly deposit your refund into your BankMobile Vibe account free of charge. This is the quickest way to gain access to your money. In order to have your refund directly deposited, open your account as soon as possible.

You will receive an e-mail when your refund has been directly deposited to your BankMobile Vibe account. Additionally, you will be able to see details of your BankMobile Vibe account by accessing your account statement on the website.

BankMobile Vibe Card

You can choose to receive a BankMobile Vibe debit card for your BankMobile Vibe account. The BankMobile Vibe card is not a credit card. With the BankMobile Vibe card, you can:

  • make purchases anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted. 
  • access cash at an ATM (no fees for using Allpoint ATMs)
  • pay bills
  • send money electronically
  • and so much more

You can learn more about the BankMobile Vibe Card and refunds at, and you can also view Heartland Community College's BankMobile’s contract disclosures.

Replacement Cards

If your BankMobile Vibe card is lost or destroyed and you require a new one, a $20 dollar charge will be assessed to your account for a replacement card.

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