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Automatic Payment Plan

Make your education more affordable. Pay your tuition and fees in monthly installments.

The automatic payment plan is not a loan program. We don't check your credit, and you don't pay interest.

Processing Fees

  • There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25 per semester.
  • A 2.75% transaction fee will be applied if you choose to pay with a credit card/debit card.
  • You can avoid the 2.75% transaction fee by making direct payments from your bank account (ACH).

Note: A $30 returned payment fee will be charged if your monthly scheduled payment is denied.

Sign Up

You will receive your myHeartland login name and quickstart instructions for logging into myHeartland after you complete the enrollment process and enroll in classes,

  1. Login to myHeartland
  2. Choose the IRIS tab
  3. Click the IRIS logo
  4. Click Financial Account
  5. Click the Pay Online button
  6. Review the information, then choose Proceed
  7. Follow the prompts and enter the required information on the following five pages. Choose Proceed to go from one page to the next. You will need:
    • Your HCC student ID number and login name
    • The name, address and e-mail of the person responsible for making the payments
    • Information to create your automatic payment plan access code
      (To protect your privacy, you will need to create your own unique automatic payment plan access code. Please be sure it is something you can easily remember.)
    • Bank information or credit/debit card information for the person responsible for payment
  8. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  9. Click SUBMIT

If you provided your HCC email address, you will receive an immediate email confirming the receipt of your enrollment in the automatic payment plan. Choose myMail on the Email tab in myHeartland to read the email.

Payment Schedule

Payments are determined by the following schedule:

Summer 2020  (tuition due May 19, 2020 and upon registration thereafter)*

Last day to enroll online Required down payment Number of payments Months of payments
April 27 none 3 May - July
May 20 30% 2 June & July
June 19 50% 1 July only


Fall 2020  (tuition due July 28, 2020 and upon registration thereafter)*

Last day to enroll online Required down payment Number of payments Months of payments
May 28 none 6 June - Nov.
July 29 none 5 Aug. - Dec.
Aug. 20 10% 4 Sept. - Dec.
Sept. 22 30% 3 Oct. - Dec.



Note: All down and full payments are processed immediately!

Non-payment of tuition can result in an enrollment and official transcript block being placed on student accounts.


Stop the Drop!  Please be sure to pay tuition or make payment arrangements by tuition due date or upon registration after due date.






Questions & Assistance

For more information regarding the payment plan, read the frequently asked questions.

You can also call Nelnet Business Solutions at 800-609-8056 or the Heartland Community College Business Office at 309-268-8140.

Please have your student ID number available before calling.