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View your Bill

Paper Student Bills

Students will be reminded of their tuition/fee due dates electronically by e-mail reminders and phone calls. At the explicit direction or request of a student, the College can mail the student's bill to a parent or other individual or company assisting the student with payment. We encourage students to keep their addresses and phone numbers updated and to access their Heartland e-mail account regularly.


Online Student Bills

To access their online student bill, a student will need to do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login in the upper right hand corner of the page
  3. Enter Login username and password (remember this is case sensitive)
  4. Click on the IRIS tab
  5. Click on the IRIS symbol
  6. Click on View/Print My Bill under "Finances"
  7. Select a term (or ALL terms) from the drop down menu
  8. Click View (Note: you may receive a pop-up blocker message preventing you from viewing the document. In order to view the file, please select either "temporarily allow pop-ups" or "always allow pop-ups." We recommend clicking on the "always allow pop-ups" option to avoid this message in the future.)
  9. You may then view or print an itemized bill for the semester(s) selected
  10. To pay online, click on Account Inquiry/Pay My Bill