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Meet the Project RISE Staff


Phone: 309-268-8168

Director of Student Support Services

Pamela Sweetwood has been with Heartland since 1993, and was formerly the Director of Special Programs (which handles everything to do with International students) and worked with the Community Scholars volunteerism scholarship. She hails from Ottawa, IL. After getting her undergraduate degree in English, earned a master's in Psychology.

Phone: 309-268-8421 

Coordinator of Academic & Retention Services 

Tiara Randle has been a part of the Heartland family since 2010, serving in a variety of roles. She was born in Decatur, IL and raised in Bloomington, IL. She holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and master’s in College Student Personnel Administration.

Phone: 309-268-8404

Administrative Assistant

Jan McKay started working at Heartland Community College in January 2011. She really enjoys meeting and assisting the students in Project RISE. Feel free to stop by to schedule your Advising Appointments, sign up for workshops, cultural events, and college visits. 

Project RISE Math Learning in Community (LinC) Facilitator

Bill Rous serves in our Math Learning Community. The progress made by the students in their math classes is enhanced by Bill's individual assistance and by the support of students encouraging each other. He is also a facilitator in the Math Success Center. After years of classroom instruction, Bill is extremely pleased to work with students on a one-to-one basis.


Phone: 309-268-8446

Project RISE Program Specialist 

Alicia serves as our in house Career Specialist. She has years of experience connecting students with job opportunities and pushing them to reach their full potential. Some of her services include: resume development, interview skills, and job shadow experiences.   


Office Assistant 

Libby Hunt serves as our Office Assistant where she helps in the day-to-day office tasks. She is a student at Heartland, pursuing a degree in Biochemistry and has been a part of Project RISE for 3 years. 


Office Assistant 

Serene Helbig serves as our Office Assistant where she helps in the day-to-day office tasks. She is a student at Heartland, pursuing her Administrative Office Professional Associates in Applied Science degree. She has been a part of Project RISE for over a year.

Rising Stars

Rachel  Mohammed  Libby  Shatorie

 Rachel Claveria, Mohammed Mirza, Libby Hunt, Shatorie Price

Graduate Interns 

Jazzy  Garrett

 Jazzy Thomas & Garrett McAlister 

Project RISE Peer Mentors

Project RISE is all about preparing students for graduation and transfer, and Peer Mentors are a key component in achieving the goal of increasing student success. Peer Mentors are dedicated individuals who are already doing well on campus and have the experience required to assist other students with their college. They give students another connection to help them achieve academic success. Peer Mentors meet with students weekly, provide moral support, and help keep them focused both on their immediate tasks, and their future goals.
  Emory Amberlyn Seyveon Joyce
   Emory Davis                    Amberlyn Galpin         Seyveon Martin          Joyce Dwiggins  
  TH Lydia Joshua Kelly
   Alyssa Mooberry               Lydia Schirano               Joshua Plank              Kelly Abrahamson
Group1   Group

Contact Project RISE

Student Commons Building (SCB) 1000
1500 West Raab Rd.
Normal, IL 61761
Phone: 309-268-8404
Fax: 309-268-7997
Hours: M-R 8:00-5:00 & F 8:00-4:30
Email/Chat: Project RISE
Facebook: Project RISE on Facebook