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BUSN Courses

BUSN 108: Personal Finance
This course provides the background and specific skills necessary for effective personal financial decision making. Students will learn to understand, mathematically analyze, and evaluate financial products and strategies. This course emphasizes active decision making. As students learn the basic concepts, they will develop personal financial goals, devise plans for attaining them, and begin the implementation of strategies leading to financial security and independence. 3 HRS

BUSN 110: Introduction to Business
This course focuses on clarifying the complexities of the business world while enhancing students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving, diversity, multiculturalism, and communication; thus providing them with necessary tools for business success. Within a framework of professionalism, ethical decision making, responsibility, and the use of technology, students will assess the global, economic, social, technological, and political environments impacting business. In addition, students will examine the essential elements of organizational structure, marketing, management, accounting, and financial decision making. 3 HRS

BUSN 115: Business Communications
This course is designed to enable students to communicate appropriately and effectively in a business setting. This course provides an introduction to principles of business writing, effective language use, and a review of oral and written communication skills. We will demonstrate a direct relationship between the course material and the effect the material will have on the students’ personal and professional lives. Topics will include the principles of business writing, effective language use, oral and written communication skills, listening, and business presentations. 3 HRS

BUSN 130: Computer Applications in Business
This course focuses on the use of Office suite application tools to support effective business decision-making. Students are introduced to concepts and develop skills in word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and Internet applications. Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop integrated solutions to business cases that focus on improving management productivity. Keyboarding ability is recommended. 3 HRS

BUSN 145: Employment Success Strategies
Securing an employment position and keeping it is the main goal in employment success. Topics and strategies include the job search process, effective resume writing, interviewing skills, professionalism and developing a positive work ethic. Students will create a job packet that includes essential job search documents. 1 HR

BUSN 150: Customer Relations
This course involves all phases of general office work, including the values and attitudes necessary for successful interaction with co-workers and clientele/customers served. Presented in a workshop/seminar mode with simulation exercises, the course will focus on verbal and non-verbal communication including effective listening and telephone skills; the attitudes, values and practices of different cultures, races and ethnic groups; and interpersonal relationships, including tolerance of others; team processes; and dealing with difficult people. 1 HR

BUSN 170: Supervision
This course is designed to explore the leadership tools and human relation skills needed to function effectively as a supervisor. Topics discussed in this course include: leadership roles and qualities, communication skills, human relation skills, organizational dynamics, motivation, diversity in the workforce, quality principles and processes, conflict resolution, and legal issues in supervision. 3 HRS

BUSN 210: Legal Environment of Business
This course provides students with fundamental knowledge concerning a series of critical legal and regulatory issues that affect business. The following areas of law will be the major focus of the course: governmental regulation of business, securities law, contract law, common law, international law, consumer protection law, employment law, and environmental law. 3 HRS

BUSN 220: Principles of Management
This management course is designed to introduce students to the role of various levels of management in public and private sector organizations. Emphasis is placed on the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in a dynamic global environment. 3 HRS

BUSN 225: Introduction to Sport Management
This course is designed for students entering the sport and physical education profession where it is critical to understand the theory and practice of ethical management principles in sport/fitness organizations. These principles are applied to interscholastic, intercollegiate, international, and professional organizations along with the health/fitness and community recreation industries. 3 HRS

BUSN 226: Introduction to Sports Marketing
This course is designed to provide an overview of sports marketing principles to students. The following topics will be examined: current issues, theories, and research in sports marketing, promotion, marketing mix, consumer behavior, and relationship marketing. 3 HRS

BUSN 230: Principles of Marketing
This course is designed to introduce students to an overview of marketing principles. The following topics will be examined: market structure, marketing cost and efficiency, public and private regulation, and development of marketing programs including decisions involving products, price, promotion, and physical distribution. 3 HRS

BUSN 250: Small Business Management
This course is an introduction to the startup and operation of a small business. Students will explore the steps and research needed to develop a complete business plan, which integrates assessment of business opportunities and the development of operating plans. 3 HRS

BUSN 296: Topics in Business
This course will offer students an opportunity to study a special topic or current issue of special interest in business and industry. The topic will be announced in the schedule book. Because topics studied will change each semester, BUSN 296 may be repeated up to a total of 6 credit hours. 1-6 HRS

BUSN 299: Internship in Business and ACSM
This course provides supervised field experiences in a variety of settings that are related to Business and Applied Computer Science. Such settings include educational institutions, governmental organizations, businesses, and health care agencies. Students work at least five hours a week (a total of 75 hours a semester equals one internship credit hour), gaining practical skills and experience in a setting which will utilize business theories and/or applied computer science skills. 1-6 HRS