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Sport Management

What Will I Learn?

As a student studying Sport Management at Heartland Community College, you will study how to understand the technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills to be an effective manager in a variety of sports related environments. A student who completes the degree will appreciate the contribution of sport in various cultural settings as well as its effects on the behavior of the participant, the spectator, and society. Heartland Community College offers a variety of courses in sport management including sport management, sport marketing, leisure and recreation, sociology of sport, and internship in sport management.

What Is The Occupational Outlook?

With the various career opportunities in the rapidly growing sports management industry, this degree will foster the opportunity for students to pursue a career in this industry. The Sports Business Directory lists 13 career areas in sport. These include event suppliers, event management and marketing, sports media, sports sponsorship, athlete services, sports commissions, sports lawyers, manufacturers and distribution, facilities and facility suppliers, teams, leagues, college athletics, and finance. Job possibilities for students completing the Sport Management Associate in Applied Science degree include Recreation Program Planner, Sports Event Planner, Sports Events Sales Representative, Sports Event Marketing Representative, and Sports Retail Manager.

With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find employment as: Parks, Recreation, or Sport Facilities Manager; Director of Sport Marketing; Athletic Director; Sports Media; Sports Information Director; Sporting Officials; Sporting Referees; Sports Psychologists; Fitness Trainers; Coaches; Agents of Athletes; and other sports industry jobs.

The Occupational Report in the Heartland Community College District indicates that there is a projected growth of almost 13% in this industry between 2010-2020.

What Are My Options?

This Associate in Applied Science degree prepares students for entry-level positions in, the sport industry. It also provides the opportunity for professional growth and career advancement for those currently employed in the sports industry. The A.A.S. degree includes a significant portion of general education courses. Students will be able to transfer to a Bachelor of Science degree program at a four-year institution.