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EDUC Courses

EDUC 101: Introduction to Education
This course provides an introduction to the American education system and as teaching as a profession. Throughout the course students will be offered a variety of perspectives on education including: historical, philosophical, social, legal, and ethical issues in a diverse society. A study of organizational structure and school governance will also be included. A minimum 15-hour clinical component is required for this class. *Note: Students who enroll in EDUC 101 will be required to undergo a criminal background check by a college selected vendor. A clear background check is mandatory in order to complete the course/state required 15 hour clinical component for each class. The cost of the background check will be added as a course fee. 3 HRS

EDUC 105: Exceptional Learners
This survey course provides an introduction to educating exceptional students and presents the historical, philosophical and legal foundations of special education, as well as an overview of the characteristics of individuals with disabilities, the programs that serve them under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the diversity of the populations of individuals with disabilities in addition to the general aspect of human diversity. A required component of this course includes real life experiences with an individual(s) with disabilities. A total of 15 hours of field experience is required to pass this course. 3 HRS

EDUC 135: The Multicultural Classroom
This course provides an introduction to multiple subcultures present in the American classroom. It will include theories and processes for understanding and working with culturally diverse groups in a classroom setting. It will explore the symbiotic relationship between schools and their cultural context and recent trends with regards to diversity and achievement. 3 HRS

EDUC 163: Introduction to Coaching Athletics
This course is a three credit hour education offering that focuses on the critical components that are involved in the profession of coaching athletics. The course has no prerequisites, and is open to anyone interested in developing a foundation for an athletic coaching experience from little league to high school to the collegiate level. Throughout the semester, this course will cover coaching philosophy, coaching ethics, law and liability, leadership skills, fundraising, dealing with parental issues, mental toughness, sports first aid and injury prevention, career opportunities, current issues in coaching and sports administration. Several area coaches, from all different levels of play, will serve as guest speakers for this course. 3 HRS

EDUC 200: Using Technology in Education
Basic skills in keyboarding, word processing, and spreadsheet strongly recommended. This course will introduce educators to the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate their proficiency in the current technology standards for teaching. The course focuses on both knowledge and performance, and includes hands-on technology activities. 3 HRS

EDUC 205: Language Development
This course is a study of normal language developments from birth through school age and an understanding of how children may progress through language development stages at differing rates. Students will also develop an understanding of the effects of diversity, including cultural and linguistic diversity on language development. 3 HRS

EDUC 208: Principles of Reading
This course is a study of various methods of teaching reading in the elementary school. It will include sequences in skill development and evaluation of current literacy trends, aims, and practices. Students will also learn techniques for improving comprehension, evaluation of age-appropriate literature, use of technology to support reading, a variety of reading assessments, and strategies for word recognition and vocabulary development. 3 HRS

EDUC 209: Language Arts in Elementary School
EDUC 209 is an introduction to language arts - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - in the elementary school. The course includes recent trends in literacy, techniques for building comprehension, strategies for teaching communication skills, and teaching skills to students whose first language is not English. 3 HRS

EDUC 220: Educational Psychology
This course provides an introduction to psychological principles underlying educational practice. Theories concerning cognitive and psychological development, human learning, and motivation are studied with emphasis on application for instruction, including assessment. Emphasis will also be placed on learner-centered instruction and diversity. 3 HRS

EDUC 296: Selected Topics in Education
An in-depth study of selected topics in education. The content and structure of the course will vary according to the topic and instructor. May be repeated once with a different topic, for a total of 6 credit hours. Specific topic will be stated on student’s transcript. 1-4 HRS