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OTEC Courses

OTEC 101: Keyboarding
An introductory course in business technology designed to develop basic data input skills. The course provides instruction in keyboard and machine control techniques. Emphasis is placed on correct skill building. Credit will not be awarded for students who have previously taken OTEC 103. 1 HR

OTEC 102: Advanced Keyboarding
An introductory course in office technology designed to develop basic word processing skills. Emphasis is placed on efficient use of the most popular word processing software package. Credit will not be awarded for students who have previously taken OTEC 103. 1 HR

OTEC 104: Office Simulation
This course involves all phases of general office work, including creating and maintaining common office forms (paper and electronic using appropriate software); answering multiline telephone systems and taking and routing messages; operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting common business machines; and calendaring and managing time. This course should prepare Office Basics students with practical skills for all phases of office work and issues relevant to office work ethics. 2 HRS

OTEC 113: Records Management
You will be introduced to the management of records. You will study electronic/image/physical records and files, equipment, procedures, records and information management (RIM) programs and software, and the storing, retrieving, and transferring of records using alphabetic, subject, numeric, and geographic methods. Credit will not be awarded for students who have previously completed OTEC 112. 2 HRS

OTEC 140: Advanced Office Procedures & Technology
This is your capstone course for the Office Administrative Professional AAS degree. Topics you will study include proofreading and editing skills, advanced use of electronic forms, creating and managing digital and social media presence, project management skills and technology, cloud computing, mobile technology, virtual assisting, presenting business information, making and managing travel arrangements, preparing for meetings and conferences, and emerging office technologies. 3 HRS

OTEC 296: Topics in Office Technology
This course will offer students an opportunity to study a special topic or current issue which is unique and infrequently offered as part of their program. The course is intended to familiarize students with some of the latest trends in office technology. The topic will be announced in the schedule book. Because topics studied will change each semester, OTEC 296 may be repeated up to a total of 6 credit hours. 1-6 HRS