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College NOW Program

Heartland is committed to partnering with in-district high schools and career centers in an effort to place more students on a guided path to successful college certificate and/or degree completion.

This program provides opportunities consistent with the overall purpose of dual credit, which is outlined by the Dual Credit Quality Act as follows:

  • To reduce college costs.
  • To speed time to degree completion.
  • To improve the curriculum for the high school students and the alignment of the curriculum with college and workplace expectations.
  • To facilitate the transition between high school and college.
  • To enhance communication between high schools and colleges.
  • To offer opportunities for improving degree attainment for underserved student populations.

Key Partnership Components

Annual Partner Meetings

Key stakeholders from all IL district 540 high schools and career centers are invited to attend the annual partner meetings at Heartland Community College - Normal Campus. HCC provides details about the state of the program, any existing new state dual credit guidelines, best practices for helping high school students leverage early college opportunities, and more!
  • Access the PowerPoint slides from our high school partner meeting on Sep 11, 2020.
  • The next meeting for career center partners is tentatively scheduled for Dec 11, 2020.

HCC Course Selection Process

The Heartland [dual credit] course request window opens for high schools at the beginning of every fall semester and for career centers at the beginning of every spring semester. All secondary education institutions that intend to partner with HCC for the next academic year must follow the instructions provided for the annual course selection process.

  • The annual deadline for high schools is Sep 30.
  • The annual deadline for career centers is Jan 30.

Student Admission & Enrollment

Secondary education partners must help your students through the admission process during the allowable window of opportunity. The two main facets of the student admission process are successful Heartland application submission and placement test completion if necessary. 

  • See details for HCC courses offered through high school partners.
  • See details for HCC courses offered through career center partners.

Secondary education partners must submit accurate dual credit rosters containing only students who complete the admission process steps and meet enrollment requirements to HCC by the deadlines each year. Partners must also be mindful of the Heartland drop and withdrawal deadlines for each term to make roster adjustments in a timely fashion. 

Annual Partnership Affirmation

Key stakeholders from each secondary education partners much confirm details about course logistics, acknowledge review of the program administrative guidelines, and affirm student enrollment when prompted to do so every year. This is a quick and easy process that can now be completed online by all appropriate secondary education personnel. 

Sarah Diel-Hunt, V.P.

Enrollment and Student Services
Phone: 309-268-8593

Alauna McGee, Director

Early College Opportunities 
Schedule A Phone Call or Virtual Meeting

Visit the College NOW student website.