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Heartland Game Club

Heartland Game Club meets Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12-4:30 pm in the Heartland Cafe throughout the Spring and Fall 2018 semesters.

Our membership is open! Come any time during a club meeting to play, and have fun! Don't worry ~ we will teach any game to new players. You can even bring your own games to share. Games we have include Settlers of Catan, Shadow Hunters, One Night Werewolf, Dead of Winter, Ticket to Ride, and more!

We also now have D&D campaigns that run on the weekend! If you're interested in joining or DM'ing a campaign, email the club president for information! We are in need of some DM's right now, so if you're up for the challenge, step on up!

Our goal as a group is to bring a sense of community and social interaction in a fun and friendly environment, celebrating competition, wit, and humor.

Special events will be posted as necessary and are discussed during club meetings.

Please email the club president or advisor with any questions.


  • President
    Name: Jessica Leman
  • Vice President
    Name: Harrison Rogers
  • Secretary
    Name: Kaitlyn Norman
  • Treasurer:
    Name: Xavier Dunlap


  • George Mueller
    Phone: 309-268-8242
  • Andrew Higgins
    Phone: 309-268-8620

Club Event Rentals

You can rent/borrow equipment and supplies for your official club events. Some equipment will incur a rental fee charged to your RSO account?

Rent a popcorn machine

Rent or check out club supplies

Contact Us

Student Engagement Office

SCB 1606
Phone: 309-268-8026
Fax: 309-268-7981
Email: Student Engagement