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Manage Your Club

Whether you started a brand new club or joined an existing club, there are things every club needs to do to manage itself and its members.

Elect Officers

If you started the club from scratch this year, your club may not have held an official election of officers. At the end of every semester or school year membership may change and new officers must be selected. Each club is responsible for holding elections to choose new officers. The newly elected officers must update the club status and report new officers through the club update and renewal form.

Recruit Members

Elect and identify club leaders before the summer semester so you can participate in Fallfest and begin recruiting members at the start of the fall semester.

Update Club Details

Updating your club information online is easy and helps you recruit new members. Simply complete the club update and renewal form to keep your club information current.

Earn Extra Money For Your Club

Existing clubs that elect their officers and update their yearly club registration online before the end of spring semester will receive a monetary early registration bonus deposited in the club's account. Send a representative from your club to the next Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, and your club will receive a $25 bonus for each SGA meeting attended. The Student Engagement Office manages all money the Heartland clubs earn. To utilize these funds the club needs a signature from the club advisor.

Club Event Rentals

You can rent/borrow equipment and supplies for your official club events. Some equipment will incur a rental fee charged to your RSO account?

Rent a popcorn machine

Rent or check out club supplies

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