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Market Your Club & Events

A successful event or fundraiser starts with you!

These are the key ideas you need to consider to ensure your event is memorable and well-attended.

Marketing Strategy

A carefully planned marketing strategy can be the difference between an average event and a spectacular success. Building a marketing strategy based on the information below early on in the process will go a long way toward carrying the initial excitement all the way through to the big day.

  • Appeal
    • Who is your audience?
    • What promotional items will attract your audience?
    • Do the promotional items convey or reinforce the image of your event (fun, informational, dealing with controversial issues, entertaining)?
  • Timing
    • How much lead time do you have (for printing deadlines, etc.)?
    • When should your publicity and/or advertising be released?
      • Should it all go out at once?
      • Should the information go out in phases?
  • Location
    • What are traffic patterns on and off campus?
    • What would be easily accessible for your audience?
    • Where is the best place for your audience to pay attention to your promotional materials?
  • Information
    • How much should be printed? How little?
    • Is the information clear and accurate?
  • People Power
    • Do you have a sufficient amount of individuals to work on publicity, promotion and advertising strategies?
    • Who will put up publicity and when?
  • Budget
    • Do you have sufficient funds to cover promotional expenses?
    • Will the projected response be worth the potential costs?
  • Restrictions
    • Are there any contractual restrictions imposed by a performer?
    • Are there any campus promotion rules or regulations to consider?

Promotional Materials

Make sure all of your promotional materials address these key questions:

  • Who: Who is sponsoring the event?
  • What: What is the event?
  • Where: Where is the event?
  • When: When is the event?
  • Why: Why is this event important?
  • How: How can others get more information?

Promoting Your Event

Word of Mouth

Everyone in your organization should act as ambassadors to promote your event. Genuine excitement creates curiosity! Approach people in the Campus Café, The Grille, campus lounges or while walking to and from class. Can this be intimidating and/or uncomfortable? Sure, but if you are not excited about your event, how can you expect others to be excited enough about it to consider attending? Take a risk. Step out of your comfort zone.

Electronic Promotion

An easy way to promote your event is to ask HCC's Marketing Department to announce it online and through the digital displays. The process is easy if you plan ahead. Work with your advisor to fill out the Marketing Message Request Form and submit it to the Marketing Department at least two weeks before your event.

Paper Promotion

Your promotional material should look professional. Campus computers are equipped with tools like Microsoft Word and Publisher. Working with these programs is fairly simple with a little practice. Check with members of your club to find expertise in creating promotional material. Remember to have others review your work to eliminate mistakes and to ensure no information has been forgotten.

  • Posters
    Creating posters with visual appeal can grab the attention of others. With approval the use of bulletin boards around campus may be great places to publicize your events. Contact the Student Engagement Office for more information.
  • Table Tents
    You may wish to create table tents and place them in the Campus Café, campus lounges and in other customer service areas on campus. Remember to get approval to place these items.
  • Flyers
    Handbills and flyers may be useful to pass out as you talk to others about your event. These can even be left in the Campus Café, campus lounges and in other customer service areas on campus where others can pick them up.
  • Approval
    Be sure to check with the respective staff ahead of time to get approval if you are leaving any items in any campus area. Make sure your printed material can remain until the date of your event. If you are leaving items in any of the lounges, talk to the Student Engagement Office to make sure custodial staff does not throw out your publicity pieces when they clean each day. Check each location every few days to see if you need to replace your table tents and posters or replenish your handouts.

Club Event Rentals

You can rent/borrow equipment and supplies for your official club events. Some equipment will incur a rental fee charged to your RSO account?

Rent a popcorn machine

Rent or check out club supplies

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