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Student Club Registration Form

Any information that you provide may be used in Heartland Community College publications.

*Please provide your contact information.

*What is the name of the club you are registering?
*What category of club are you registering?
  • Club/Organization
  • SGA (Student Government Association)
  • HAC (Heartland Activities Committee)
*Please provide a brief description of your club. Limit your response to 500 characters.
Please provide a detailed description of your club. Include important details about your club that would be of interest to prospective members (e.g. days and times the club meets, major upcoming events, club goals and mission statement and any other important information about your club).
*Indicate the primary interest group that describes this club. (Select only one.)
  • Academic/Professional
  • General Interest
  • Political
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Ethnic/Multicultural
  • Honorary
  • Social Issues/Service
  • Sports/Recreation
  • Governing Body
  • Regional
  • Religious

Roster of Officers

(Please note: All proposed officers will receive an emailed copy of this registration form.)


Vice President:


Treasurer: (Student Trustee for SGA; Marketing Director for HAC)

Student Government Association Club Liaison

The SGA Liaison is your club's representative at Student Senate meetings. Liaisons share your club's needs and get updates from the Student Government Association (SGA) and greater Heartland governing body. Liaisons should be club members and can also be a club officer. By attending SGA meetings, your liaison can also earn $25 for use with club activities. (Please note: Only clubs and the Heartland Activities Committee require an SGA Liaison.)

*SGA Liaison:

Club Advisors

You may have up to three advisors. (Please note: All proposed advisors will receive an emailed copy of this registration form.)

*Advisor 1:

Advisor 2:

Advisor 3:

Club Event Rentals

You can rent/borrow equipment and supplies for your official club events. Some equipment will incur a rental fee charged to your RSO account?

Rent a popcorn machine

Rent or check out club supplies

Contact Us

Student Engagement Office

SCB 1606
Phone: 309-268-8026
Fax: 309-268-7981
Email: Student Engagement