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B.L.T Building Leaders of Tomorrow

Meeting Times- Every Monday 4-5 pm*


Club Detail.
The club will have three main areas of interest all of which deal directly with building ideas and moving forward with implementation of said initiatives. We will be using idea modeling tools such as Muraly and Google Drive as well as a tool kit for producing the "Big Idea" as crafted by Dr. Alex Bruton. 
Focus 1. Personal success; If ever a member of B.L.T or anyone in the HCC community has an idea for a project, product, event, or initiative we will welcome the idea and give them the tools to make it jump off of paper and come alive!
Focus 2. Heartland success; Administration, advisors, faculty, and students are encouraged to approach the club with any and all areas of a work in which they wish to obtain fresh ideas. If a particular person or department wants to know how to have a larger impact on college students or to a different target audience the club will lead brainstorming and ideal modeling sessions and report back to see implementation of it's work, should all parties agree. 
Focus 3. External success; We work directly with Dr. Doan Winkel (Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Illinois State University) On a global initiative project that involves thousands of students across the globe working together to make an impact. Dr. Winkel will be holding idea modeling sessions and on-line Google hangout sessions as well as host ISU C.E.O meetings, all of which we are welcomed to participate in. Building Leaders of Tomorrow has the full support of Dr. Doan Winkel as well as the George R. and Martha Means Center of Entrepreneurial Studies of Illinois State University as well as its resources. 



  • President
    Name: Andrew Menssen
    Email: Andy.menssen@heartland.edu
  • Vice President
    Name: Stephanie Bradley
    Email: sbradle5@my.heartland.edu
  • Secretary
    Name: Brittany McLean
    Email: bherwig@my.heartland.edu
  • Treasurer:
    Name: Charla Cools
    Email: ccools@my.heartland.edu


  • Elizabeth Robinson
    Email: Elizabeth.Robinson@heartland.edu
    Phone: (309) 268-8063
  • Heather Chapman
    Email: Heather.Chapman@heartland.edu
    Phone: (309) 268-8569