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Heartland Activities Committee

Heartland Activities Committee is a HCC student organization, whose purpose is to plan and present non-academic entertainment and educational programs primarily for the student body of Heartland Community College, although the programs are normally open to the general public.

The types of programs presented will vary somewhat from year to year, as entertainment trends and students change. Most recently the programs presented have included:


·         Lunch Time Concert Series

·         Lunch Time Bingo

·         Family Movies

·         Student Movies

·         Fall & Spring Fest

·         Special Events

Heartland Activities Leaders and other involved students are Heartland Activities Committee, meaning that they review and select potential performers/programs; market, plan, and produce the events and all relevant components; and evaluate all aspects of the programs upon completion.


  • President
    Name: Quinton Bailey
    Email: qbailey@my.heartland.edu
  • Vice President
    Name: Chris Hernandez
    Email: chernan5@my.heartland.edu
  • Secretary
    Name: David Schmidt
    Email: dschmid9@my.heartland.edu
  • Marketing Director
    Name: Alexandria Stanton
    Email: astanton@my.heartland.edu


  • Gavin Lee
    Email: gavin.lee@heartland.edu
    Phone: 309-268-8043
  • Marvin Rasch
    Email: marvin.rasch@heartland.edu
    Phone: 309-268-8423