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How do I start a new club?

If you want to get more involved on campus and haven’t found a club that meets your needs, it is easy to start a new one. You may be surprised to learn how many others share your passion!

Why should I register my club?

There are many benefits to being a registered student club at Heartland:

  • Access to room scheduling for meetings and events
  • Assistance with publicity
  • Tools for recruitment and fundraising

How do I register my club?

  1. Scan the current list of clubs and organizations.
    Before registering a new club, check to see if a similar club exists by looking through the current list of clubs and organizations.
  2. Identify your leadership.
    Each club must have a student president, student vice president, student secretary and one Heartland employee advisor.
  3. Register your new club online.
    Once you have found everyone who wants to be involved, you are ready to register your new club!

Where can I go with questions?

The Student Engagement Office and its staff welcome the opportunity to assist you throughout your educational journey.