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DMED Courses

DMED 101: Introduction to Digital Media
DMED 101 is an introduction to the major media forms used in Digital Media production, including print design, web design, audio production, video production, animation and authoring tools. Students will also investigate the impact of digital media on society and current issues in media and technology. Basic computer skills will be expected in the areas of word processing, graphic and paint programs. 3 HRS

DMED 110: Web Page Development
An introduction to the World Wide Web on the Internet and its uses as a communication tool. The course will cover essential terms and technologies, creating web pages, critiquing Internet content and a review of ethical and legal issues. Basic computer skills will be expected, especially with word processing and graphic programs. DMED 110 is designed to appeal to students interested in studying the Internet and its many facets and specifically creating pages that can be viewed on the worldwide web through various browsers. Course covers HTML5 and CSS coding as well using web design programs to create content. Special attention is paid to creating web content that adheres to web standards. Students learn basics of image manipulation. The course will have a continuing emphasis on successfully communicating through the web, especially considering design and interactivity. 3 HRS

DMED 120: Computer Imaging and Design
An introduction to creating and manipulating digital images. Emphasis is placed on studying and applying basic design concepts, while dealing with common print, video and computer designing challenges faced in the business world. Computer graphic programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign or Quark will be used. Students will also become familiar with modern production equipment such as printers and scanners. Students should be familiar with computers and have some experience with drawing programs. 3 HRS

DMED 145: Video Production
An introduction to how to effectively use video production equipment to record and edit video for business, education, entertainment and personal use. Course will cover equipment, shooting techniques, composition, lighting, planning and non-linear editing. Students will complete a short video production in this course. 3 HRS

DMED 150: Interactive Digital Media
DMED 150 is an introduction to creating interactive interfaces to be distributed through a variety of methods, including the World Wide Web, DVD or other removable media. Emphasis is placed on creating easy to navigate and professional level interfaces for a variety of applications and on successfully deploying those applications across the chosen distribution method. Authoring tools, including Adobe Flash will be used as well as image editing programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Special focus will also be placed on using JavaScript with HTML5. Students should be experienced with image editors, graphic design and web design. 3 HRS

DMED 160: Web Server Administration
This course provides an introduction to the design, configuration, and use of current commercial web servers. Students will install, configure, and maintain one specific current commercial web server package throughout the duration of the course. 3 HRS

DMED 170: Dynamic Web Technologies
Introduction to scripting. Covers basic scripting techniques, basic database techniques and surveys major scripting languages. 3 HRS

DMED 210: Advanced Web Page Design
Students will create complicated, professional level web page design to effectively communicate messages for a variety of situations. This class will pose a variety of real world challenges that students will need to complete at a professional level, including designing interfaces in HTML and Flash and deploying those interfaces to audience members who qualify to view the content. Development tools, including Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash will be used as well as image editing programs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Students should be capable graphic designers and have experience with image editors, web design tools and interactive authoring tools. 3 HRS

DMED 245: Advanced Video Production
DMED 245 focuses on advanced video production concepts, such as live studio production, motion graphics, video compositing, studio lighting, video streaming as well as advanced issues involved in producing informational and narrative video, such as script writing, graphics production and project output using different digital methods. Students will be expected to produce several short videos on a deadline in this course. 3 HRS

DMED 250: Preparing Print Publications
Course will cover basic aspects of preparing copy, line-art and pictures for professional print. Students will build on design skills learned in DMED 120, while focusing on preparing printed pieces on the computer that are appropriate to be sent to a professional print house for printing in quantity. Issues of design, audience, interface and environment will be reviewed. 3 HRS

DMED 260: Computer Animation
Course will cover basic aspects of animation using animation software, including modeling objects and bringing them into a virtual environment to add lighting, surfaces and motion for a completed scene. Issues of design, audience, interface and environment will be reviewed. 3 HRS

DMED 290: Advanced Media Production
This course is a capstone experience that integrates various digital media skills as students work in a team to complete projects on a weekly basis in a realistic production environment. Students create and maintain their own section of a continually updated web site, with content they conceive, write, produce and post. 3 HRS

DMED 292: Capstone Experience
The objective of this course is to provide a culminating experience for students. The capstone experience consists of five components: a project proposal, an art project(s), a research paper which contextualizes the students work in a historical, theoretical, and or social context, an artist statement, and a statement about the work created in this class. 3 HRS

DMED 296: Topics in Digital Media
An advanced course in a specific topic in digital media communication, such as a specific software program, language or project. The course is intended to familiarize students with some of the latest technologies and trends in new media. The topic will be announced in the schedule book. Because topics studied will change each semester, DMED 296 may be repeated once for a different topic. 1.5-3 HRS

DMED 297: Independent Study in Digital Media
This course builds on the skills learned in other digital media courses, such as video production, motion graphics, computer animation and Web page design. Students will complete projects on a weekly basis in a realistic production environment. They will create and maintain their own section of a continually updated Web site, with content they conceive, write, produce and post. 1-4 HRS

DMED 299: Digital Media Internship
Student interns will work, in a paid or volunteer capacity, to learn about digital media applications in a variety of settings including business, industry, non-profit organization, education, and government. Interns gain practical skills and experience while being supervised on the job and through the college. A total of 75 hours equals one internship credit hour. Credit is available only for work experiences approved in advance, before the internship begins, by the digital media communications department. 1-6 HRS